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Monday, February 9, 2009 very very quiet, we're hunting wabbits.....

I said to Liam and Eamon just this morning,"Please stop running and screaming during school time!" Now I am all for Boys Being Boys , but there is a time for peace and quiet in every day.

Barbara said it perfectly here
"Let's see how quietly we can shut the door." .........

"Would you like to try?" Before turning it over, show once again how the knob/handle relates to the movement of the bolt.

Once you've begun to draw your child's attention to the auditory impact he/she has on the environment, keep a high expectation. When something bangs, simply say, "Oh . . . let's see how quietly you can close that door."

When I say this will have a major impact, here is what I mean:
As you begin to draw the child's attention to the results of his actions, he will respond to the challenge. These are the very first steps toward self-control - and this is exactly how you begin laying the spiritual groundwork for self-control in the preschool years.
You will see the fruit of this kind of training as your child matures and begins to generalize self-control to even more challenging issues.
Can you see how this early training eventually results in a teen who is self-aware and capable of self-control? The ultimate goal is to raise an individual who is not controlled by outer forces but from within. This starts very, very small - and very, very young.

This is why I keep insisting that the work you moms do is SO important. Who would think that teaching a child to close a door quietly had such great implications for the future? But it does, especially for the child raised by a mom who understands where she and her child are headed and is learning each day how to get there.~~~~~~~~
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Thank you, Barbara!

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Marianne said...

It is rather hilarious to be reading this right now as the room I am sitting in is actually reverberating with the sound of crashing pan lids. I think they are 'fencing' too.